Friday, 5 February 2016


Let the darkness engulf me,
Please don't light the lamp.
No need to give me shelter;
I'm better off being a tramp.

I've learnt to endure my thirst;
To quench it, please don't bother.
Just learn to save yourself first-
There's no point sinking together!

Inflict more pain on me,
Put aside all bonhomie;
Pour vitriol in my heart-
Just tear my world apart!

Monday, 1 February 2016


Shall we never again sit together on the rocks by the sea -
Waves punctuating the silence, while your eyes speak to me?
Shall we never again take a stroll together in the rain -
With your hand in my hand, and happiness numbing my brain?
Shall we never again sit and talk the entire night away -
Losing all track of time till we see the dawn of a new day?
Won’t you ever come ? Won’t you join me again?
Won’t you come to end my solitude and my pain?

Will I never more experience the warmth of your embrace -
Or get to inhale the sweet scent of your hair on my face?
Will you never more help me find peace in times of strife -
With your magic smile will you never more light up my life?
Won’t you ever come and end this long, torturous wait?
Won’t you come to restore my belief in fairness of fate?